A Fond Farewell to Suzanne Tremper

Some people don’t just “have” positions, they become the position itself. After years of serving as the Director of the Early Childhood Direction Center and Director of Programs, Suzanne Tremper has retired. Those familiar with her know that she stood for the services she provided. Her vision, expertise and commitment to helping children in the opening stages of their development are unparalleled. Suzanne retired from her position without a lot of pomp and circumstance, but with the good wishes and deepest respect of all those who worked with her. Below is an excerpt from the poem “One of Those People” that was, according to Suzanne, inspired by God.

Excerpt: If you are one of those people who: Addresses staffing concerns and problems immediately, make suggestions for resolutions, carefully consider the thoughts of others and provide guidance, follow through and follow up—Continue to do so…you build trust and confidence; strengthen the organization, and are recognized as a leader who is available and can be relied upon.