Children’s Negative Behaviors

leerlo en espanolMany parents struggle with children’s negative behaviors. With the right skills and support, you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Young children learn how to behave by testing boundaries. An important goal for parents is to help children learn to identify appropriate behavior and self –control. This is not an easy task and takes commitment and fortitude!

Teaching positive behavior begins with setting limits and establishing consistent rules that are reinforced consistently. Appropriate behavior is also supported when parents establish routines and schedules. This will include regular hours for meals, naps, indoor and outdoor activities, bathing and bed time.

Teaching self-control is helping children to learn to control his/her actions. It begins with learning to make good choices. Often children become upset when their needs or wishes are not met immediately. Parents can teach children strategies to deal with this frustration. Guiding young children to use words to voice the frustration is a start; for example, teach the child to say, “I am mad! I want to have the _____ .” A parent can then guide the behavior by offering good choices. For example; help the child ask for the object, offer to trade, wait for a turn, or find something else to do while waiting. The support and guidance you provide the child will lead to more positive behavior and increased self-control.

To learn more about teaching positive behavior to young children; register for our workshop, “Who’s in Charge?” Call the Mid-Hudson Early Childhood Direction center for more information 845-565-1162 extension 240.

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