Raising a Child Destined for Success

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Before a child can learn to be successful, she/he must learn how to fail! Many parents spend a great deal of energy protecting our children from failure. We “pitch in” to get assignments completed, we interrupt situations to demonstrate the correct way to do something, we tell children what to do instead of encouraging and engaging children to think and problem solve. In our effort to help a child through hardship or demands we are actually diminishing a child’s ability to foster inner strength and become self-sufficient! We must change our methods to promote resiliency, independence and success.

Tips for Raising a Successful Child

Role model behavior you want your child to learn. When faced with a problem; stay in control, talk about it and verbalize as many possible solutions you can think of. Children will imitate what they see!

Instill trust and understanding and empathy. Help children to know they are special and appreciated even when they make mistakes!

Mistakes are expected and are opportunities to learn. Use positive guidance to support your child and promote self-worth. Reinforce realistic expectations and goals respectfully. If you make a mistake; remember to apologize or ask for forgiveness!

Value a child’s effort over talent. Comment on the quality, time and commitment it took to complete a project or earn a good grade. A positive comment like: “I know how hard you worked to finish that!” reinforces perseverance and builds self-esteem.

Hold high expectations for yourself and your child. Your child will become what you think she/he will be!

Teach social skills and empathy. Help children learn to control emotions, accept consequences and consider the perspective of other. These are important skills to model and teach!

Foster Social Conscience – Involve children (and yourself) in opportunities to think about others and make a positive difference in the world. Participate in charitable walks, food drives, and neighborhood clean-ups.

Teach children how to solve problems and make decisions. Help children identify the problem, consider possible solutions, develop a plan of action, and review outcomes. This process will reduce frustration and anxiety!

Children face a great deal of pressure growing up in society today. Help your child to focus on strengths, talents and skills that will allow them to be resilient, independent and successful.

To learn more, contact the Mid-Hudson Early Childhood Direction Center at 845-565-1162 ext. 209