School Readiness-It is more than Academics!

How to Prepare Your Child for School

Leerlo en espanolIs your child nearing the end of preschool years? Are you beginning to think about kindergarten school readiness? It is great that a child knows the alphabet, recognizes numbers up to 20 and may even read a little bit, but these skills are of secondary importance in the eyes of many kindergarten teachers. There are many other competencies that are essential for school success including the ability to: separate from parents, think critically, self-regulate, demonstrate a positive self-esteem and exhibit positive social emotional skills.

learning to read

The academic foundation can easily be provided at home and through early education experiences. The other competencies must be intentionally taught by parents, educators and child care providers! The best strategy parents can use to develop these skills is to set aside time to interact with a child. A parent who makes time to talk is certainly building solid oral-language skills but also sending a clear message that the child is important; a great boost to self-esteem! A parent who engages children in daily activities can build academic skills as well as; the ability to listen, to be independent, to work well with others, manage strong emotions, solve problems, and create a love for learning. Therefore; whenever possible, include your child in regular household tasks like cooking, laundry, shopping, setting a table, working in the garden and exploring the community. Positive relationships, experiences and interactions with others are the true foundations of school readiness and success!