Education Advocacy

Independent Living provides outreach and advocacy services to families of students between the ages of 6 and 21 with developmental disabilities throughout Orange County, New York that have historically been underserved because of language and/or cultural barriers, or due to their lack of basic information about their child’s rights and their role in protecting them.

Provides individualized support aimed at addressing the challenges associated with ensuring that students with developmental disabilities are given every opportunity to receive a complete and appropriate education while attending school. For more information on our Benefits Advisement Services, please call (845) 565-1162 ext. 243 or (845) 342-1162 x309 or Click here to email an  Education Advocate.

Systems Advocacy

Independent Living is a member of the Statewide Systems Advocacy Network, a group of eighteen independent living centers throughout New York State which collaborates with other disability organizations to ensure that legislation affecting people with disabilities is introduced, passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. For more information on our Systems Advocacy Services, please call (845) 565-1162. x246

Click here to download a Dictionary of Special Education and Special Needs Terms and Acronyms.

Education Advocacy Brochure
Download the Education Advocacy Brochure