You Wouldn’t Even Know

By Independent Living, Inc. Staff
March 26, 2024

In the wake of Brain Injury Awareness Month, I find myself reflecting on a journey I never anticipated embarking upon. Once deeply entrenched in a career I cherished, where every day held purpose and fulfillment, I now navigate a reality altered by the unforeseen consequences of a single moment. A car accident, seemingly ordinary in its occurrence, wrought havoc upon my life, leaving me grappling with a head injury alongside physical injuries. The aftermath was not just the loss of a career, but the unraveling of my very identity – a stark departure from the person I once knew myself to be.

In the years that followed, I grappled with the invisible impact of my experience. Struggling to articulate thoughts that once flowed effortlessly and dealing with relentless migraines that took over my days, I found myself drifting into a sea of uncertainty. Despite outward appearances suggesting a semblance of normalcy, my inner experience was a battle of resilience and adaptation.

Amidst the struggle, there remains a silent resignation, a reluctance to vocalize the profound impact of my experience. After all, how does one articulate a reality that is invisible from the outside looking in?

For though my journey may be solitary, it is a reminder that disability is a part of the human experience. In a world where perceptions often overshadow realities, let us not forget the countless individuals silently navigating the maze of life.