Onward Recovery

  • Image of the face of the Independent Living Onward Recovery Brochure. Independent Living Logo at the top. Text: You are in recovery when you say you are. A photo of three individuals sitting in a circle smiling and engaging with one another. Text: Independent Living's Recovery Center. A hudson valley recovery and community outreach center.

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    Providing support to anyone 18 and older impacted by substance use

  • A Recovery Community and Outreach Center (RCOC), providing non-clinical support in a recovery-focused environment, promoting empowerment and choice
  • Individual and group peer support is available for every stage of recovery
  • Connection to Treatment and Recovery Supports – side-by-side referral for detox, inpatient, outpatient and Medication Supported Recovery
  • Harm Reduction Training and Supplies:
    • Xylazine Test Strips
    • Fentanyl Test Strips
    • Naloxone
    • Additional Supplies

Reach One

  • Face of Independent Living's Reach One Program Brochure. Image of Independent Living Logo with text: Reach One. The potential for recover lies within each of us. Image of two women looking at a computer, smiling. Image of Independent Living Logo, People USA logo, Mental Health Association logo. Text: Partnership

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    Providing support to anyone 18 and older impacted by mental health / illness

  • Meeting you where you are at physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Peer support though one-on-one or group guidance and encouragement, empowerment and coaching
  • Recovery Coaching: Person-Centered Wellness Plans utilize the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • In addition to peer support, Reach One offers vocational and educational support, social activities and community connections

Intensive Peer Support

  • Using our own stories to assist you in moving forward in your recovery
  • One to one guidance, support, and encouragement

Recovery Support

  • Life skills coaching
  • Wellness mentoring
  • Turning crisis into opportunities

Vocational Support

  • Accessing work incentives
  • Benefits and entitlements counseling
  • Identifying employment options

Sober Social Activities

  • Cultural and recreational events
  • Social and community gatherings
  • Volunteer opportunities

Community Connections

  • Identifying and accessing community resources
  • Moving from services to natural supports in your community
  • Recovery community network building