Person using wheelchair, painted from back, facing a rainbow color wall


Through the arts, we: Celebrate Disability Pride. Appreciate its history. Encourage advocacy. Increase awareness. Foster appreciation.

Get Involved

Call or Email Janae Myers, Project Coordinator
Phone: 845-565-1162 x256 | Email

  • Are you an artist focused on disability rights, civil rights and human rights?
  • Are you a person with a disability who has a passion for the arts?
  • Are you a Disability Rights Ally with an interested network or prominent available space?
  • Do you have another way you wish to get involved?

Beyond Awareness is Appreciation and Action

We strive to inspire appreciation for the strength and resilience of people with disabilities throughout history and in our present communities. 

Our Vision

We envision a diverse series of accessible art created by our community of people with disabilities and disability rights allies for all people. The process and final presentations will have the ability to engage all people in the community in appreciation of how the art will timelessly elevate the voices of people with disabilities.


  • Celebrates Disability Pride
  • Timelessly elevates the voices of people with disabilities
  • Honors Disability Rights trailblazers
  • Reflects the Disability Community
  • Educates and advocates for awareness and appreciation of the experiences of people with disabilities