Independent Living, Inc. Partner Toolkit

Your support today is an investment into a future without barriers— a future that is equitable and accessible to all people regardless of age or disability.

Thank you for supporting Independent Living’s vision to create a world without barriers. To help expand our collective impact, we encourage you to participate in our events and campaigns in a way that resonates with you — sharing messages on social media, attending events, getting your community involved, fundraising, or making a donation. This toolkit will support you in each of these plans.

Image of a purple background with 4 digitally drawn images of faces: Top left - black female with short blonde hair smiling (Lois curtis) Top Right - White female with a bob haircut and glasses smiling (judy heumann). Lower Left - Asian female with ear-length black hair and a mask over her nose (Alice Wong). Lower Right - A white male with gray hair and a gray beard using a tube in his mouth (Ed Roberts). At the bottom of the image is a horizontal gold bar with text: Courage, Resilience and Pursuit of Justice

Active Campaigns

Join us in our active campaigns by selecting the toolkit that you wish to access.