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Join us in celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act!

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 33 this year.

On July 26, we celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of the ADA and National Disability Independence Day. This historic civil rights law protects the rights of people with disabilities. On this day, we remember the history and celebrate the monuments achievements in the Disability Rights Movement; its role today is just as important as the day of its inception — to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same access and opportunities as everyone else.

The Americans with Disabilities Act covers employment, public accommodation, transportation, telecommunications, service animals and responsibilities of public and private entities. Built upon existing legislation, this law is the result of years of extensive lobbying and advocating by our Disability Rights Trailblazers.

In honor of the 33rd Anniversary of the ADA, we invite you to take part in some of these 33 ways to celebrate.

33 Ways to Celebrate the ADA

Happy 33rd Birthday to the Americans with Disabilities Act!

  1. Participate in our I AM… Campaign
  2. Answer “What Does Disability Pride Mean to You?
  3. Donate Your Birthday
  4. Share Your Story in our Disability Visibility Series
  5. Take the Pledge to be a Disability Rights Ally
  6. Attend our First Annual ADA Celebration Open House Event
  7. Participate in the Ability of Art ArtABILITY Project
  8. Identify and submit Access Barriers you see in the community
  9. Listen – Listen to the voices of people with disabilities
  10. Support Allies – Shop at and share about businesses that are accessible
  11. Educate – Educate yourself about the history of Disability Rights
  12. Educate Others – Share what you learn
  13. Follow – Disability Rights activists and trailblazers on Social Media
  14. Intentionally Include – Make the decision to be inclusive and diverse
  15. Seek Out – Seek to hear more from people with Lived Experience
  16. Read a Book – Being Heumann
  17. Read a Children’s Book – ‘We Move Together’ by Kelly Fritsch
  18. Watch a Movie – ‘Crip Camp’ is Free on Netflix
  19. Attend an Event
  20. Take a Training – Courses, Webinars and More
  21. Ask Questions and Find Answers
  22. Join the #ThankToTheADA Campaign on Social Media
  23. Visit an Independent Living Center
  24. Include information about the ADA in your Workplace Newsletter
  25. Send staff to an ADA training
  26. Listen to the ADA Podcast
  27. Host a guest presentation to learn more about Disability Rights
  28. Implement a Disability Inclusion Policy in your HR Practices
  29. Learn about the A in DEAI – Diversity, Equity, ACCESSIBILITY and Inclusion
  30. Volunteer at a local Disability Services Agency
  31. Conduct a Self-Evaluation in your workplace for Accessibility
  32. Make your events accessible – Guidelines
  33. Donate to a Disability Services non-profit dedicated to furthering Disability Rights