Take the Pledge.

Take the pledge to be an Ally of Disability Rights. 

Take the social pledge to be an ally in disability rights. After taking the pledge, wear your ‘I TOOK THE PLEDGE’ badge with honor; share your badge on your company website, on your social media pages or in your email signature.

Be an Advocate and Wear Your Badge with Pride — Disability Pride

In a world that views disability as a condition needing a cure, Disability Pride Month celebrates the diversity in disability and is a chance to elevate the importance of how Disability, Equity and Inclusion needs to include Accessibility. 

Thirty-three years ago, America enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), preventing discrimination against people with disabilities. Disability Rights are Civil Rights– they are Human Rights. The ADA protects the rights of people with disabilities. Learn more at www.ada.gov.

I Pledge to be an Ally in Disability Rights

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