Disability pride banner across the top and bottom of the image. Text reads - Disability Pride serves as a unifying force, bridging gaps between different communities and fostering a shared commitment to promoting equality, justice and inclusivity. It encourages conversations, collaboration and collective action with vision and ability to create a world where all individuals are valued and celebrated for their diversity and contributions, regardless of their relationship with disability. Janae M Chief Advancement Officer

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What does Disability Pride mean to you?

Disability Pride Month kicks off on July 1.

July is is packed full of Disability Community and Rights Celebrations! It is the acknowledgment of the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it celebrates National Disability Independence Day, encourages the continued fight for acceptance and equity, and fosters a fire for self-advocacy. The month is full of Disability Pride, and Disability Pride means something different to everyone.

Disability Pride is not necessarily easily attained or shared; it can be a journey which takes unexpected paths. Disability Pride can mean letting go of stigma and shame and feeling good or content about who you are as a person with a disability. It can mean embracing disability through celebration of who you are and sharing the positivity or uniqueness you connect with in your disabilities. It can mean feeling a sense of community. Disability Pride can mean sharing your story through your lens, educating people around you. Disability Pride can mean being thankful for your own differences and the way through which you see and experience the world. Disability Pride can mean appreciating, embracing and celebrating the disabilities in the people you love. Disability Pride recognizes disability as a part of the human experience.

Disability Pride is a journey that can be transformative, involving a progression from lack of awareness or even ignorance to a place of understanding, passion, and active advocacy. It is an ongoing process that may require personal introspection, education and exposure to diverse experiences and meaningful connections to people with disabilities.

Help us elevate the voices of our community this Disability Pride Month by telling us… What does disability pride mean to you?

Elevate the voices of Disability Pride

Disability Pride Month celebrates the diversity in disability and is a chance to elevate the intense passion and unwavering pride within people with disabilities.

Share your response about what disability pride means to you. Through the month of July, we will share written, audio and video / other visual responses across each of our platforms — our website, Facebook, Instagram, broadcast and print.

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