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A Police Encounter

Talking With My Hands *By Vernon Bonse, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator When if police use a flashing siren, I am always aware on Read More

Interview with Kimora

Interview with Kimora An Interview with Kimora in May 2023 Kimora started in Independent Living Inc.’s Learning Enrichment After Program (LEAP)when she was 12. LEAP provided Read More

Pioneers of Disability Rights

When we talk about the fight for equality, who comes to mind? The rebels, the trailblazers, the revolutionaries? Those who stood up, refused to be stifled, demanded visibility, Read More

The Greatest Human Dignity

The Greatest Human Dignity *By Richard, Independent Living Consumer Independent Living, Inc. – this name says it all. The greatest human dignity you can give aperson Read More

Why Me?

Why Me? *By Tanya DeGroat, Crisis Intervention Team Diversion Program Manager at Independent Living, Inc. Growing up I remember always thinking and feeling like life is Read More

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