Photo of people lining both sides of a long set of stairs, using wheelchairs, some standing on the stairs, holding signs for Fair Pay For Home Care. Between the people, top the top of the stairs, is a scroll o fnames of people impacted by home care cuts.

Governor Hochul’s budget proposals include:

  1. Pay Cuts: Cutting pay for personal assistants in NYC, Long Island & Westchester by 12% by removing CDPA from Wage Parity.
  2. Designated Representatives: Eliminating Designated Representatives, which would disqualify certain individuals from receiving CDPA.
  3. Reducing Consumer Direction: Mandating state training for personal assistants and limiting their hours, reducing consumer control and posing risks, especially for those needing high hours.
  4. Reducing Consumer Choice: Giving the Department of Health authority to limit Fiscal Intermediaries, potentially forcing many to close and restricting consumer choice.
  5. Restricted Funding: Reducing funding for individuals needing less than 16 hours per day, rather than adjusting rates regionally and for inflation.

Say NO To Budget Cuts to the
CDPA Program

We need your voice to protect Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services! We’re inviting individuals who benefit from CDPA, caregivers, and supporters to share stories and perspectives through personal video clips that we can share with our legislators.

You can make a difference: Record a 60-second (or less) video clip using your smartphone.

Choose one of the following script ideas or speak from the heart:

  • Share how Consumer-Directed Home Care has empowered you or a loved one to live independently and receive personalized care:
    • “Because of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services…”
  • Explain why CDPA funding is crucial for maintaining your quality of life and dignity:
    • “With the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program [YOUR STORY]….”
    • “Without the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program [YOUR STORY]…”
  • Call for action: Urge policymakers to reject proposed budget cuts to CDPA and support adequate funding.

Send your story to or upload it using the form below.
Consumer Directed Action of New York State is collecting videos, too!