The Value of Caregiving

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Elevate your voice.
Tell our legislators the value of caregiving.

We are in a crucial period of time in the fight for Fair Pay for Home Care.

Governor Hochul is crafting her 2024-2025 budget priorities, and we need to elevate the voices of individuals in our community, reminding legislators about the value of Home Care workers, and of value of the lives of individuals they provide care to.

We are facing the worst home care workforce shortage in the nation. In a recent survey, 1 out of 4 people who qualify for home care cannot find the care they need, and 3 out of 4 struggle to retain the care they have. As New York’s population ages, home care workers are continuing to flee the sector; fair wages is the solution to the home care shortage.

Now more than ever, we need to rapidly expand the workforce in order to meet the growing needs of our aging population, and the population of people with disabilities who want to remain in their homes and in their communities, not in institutions.

Send a Letter to our Legislators

Pre-Written Message:

I write to let you know of the value of Home Care in the lives of older adults and people with disabilities– a value that I urge you to recognize and support by prioritizing Fair Pay for Home Care (Senate Bill S3189). Home Care keeps people out of institutionalized settings and in their homes, where they can remain connected to and integrated with their community.

Please invest in a high quality home care system through the establishment of a minimum wage specific to the home care sector, indexed to 150% of the state minimum wage, ensure provider reimbursement from the state and managed care organizations operating under Medicaid are sufficient to fund a high quality system.

By supporting this Bill (Senate Bill S3189), you become a part of a future that is inclusive and accessible to all people. I ask you to please strengthen the ability of New Yorkers to live and age in the community, to invest in  a high quality home care system, and to help break down barriers for older adults and people with disabilities. Thank you.