Another Day
By Anonymous

I wake up first and it’s only 6 o’clock in the a.m.
I curl back in the blanket already hoping and I’m praying
the second time I wake and it’s half past 8
it can’t be already
I promised myself to take
the covers off by 10 but by now it’s creeping in
just another day will pass that I feel like sleeping in

only I’m not asleep although my eyes are closed
I just can’t escape the feeling of comfort I suppose
that maybe today’s the day that I get out of this bed
at a normal time but what’s normal says the thoughts in my head

I think about the last time I was able to wake
and look forward to a day
man that feeling was great
my clothes were Immaculate
I was dressed to impress
and a smile so wide You’d have thought I was possessed
I did so much that day and it felt so amazing
I didn’t even care that my family called me crazy
I bought a dog on a whim not thinking how I would feed it
gave away some of my things because
I didn’t really need it
what’s work I would think
I guess just another way
to be a slave to a paycheck
not me I would say

if I needed money I could sure make due by selling some more of my stuff
maybe a family member’s too
I still don’t understand why they yelled and they screamed
and calling the police well that was just plain mean
But the ride in the cop car it gave me such a grin
then we arrived at the hospital I still didn’t know the trouble I was in
the nurses were great though
I was over the moon
they called me names like sweetie and said get better soon
as bad as all that seems there’s absolutely no way
that anyone could convince me that it wasn’t an amazing day

but then something changed I recall the exact minute
when I started taking the pills with no idea what was in it
then slowly days passed and no one came to visit
the bed became my best friend because I was always in it
more time had passed and it’s crazy how the days
went from bright colored Hues to dark colored Grays
they told me the meds were working but I disagreed
because the happiness I had once felt had started to flee
maybe I could leave soon
maybe even sooner I said
if I could just bring myself to get out of this bed

but I sighed and I cried
I would scream and I’d shout
because the days turn a weeks
and they still wouldn’t let me out
by now my medications were up to six of them a day
this is what the doctors told me would keep the Mania at bay

and although I’m home now I think
think to myself and say
maybe tomorrow will be better but today is just another day.