I Took The Pledge Badge - I took the pledge - Disability Rights Ally 2023 - Disability pride flag in background

Share your Pledge Badge with Pride!

Share your pledge badge and encourage everyone to join you in the pledge to be an ally of disability rights.

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Thank you!

Thank you for taking the pledge to be an ally for disability rights. 

I Took the Pledge to be an Ally in Disability Rights 

  • I pledge to help build an accessible future for all people with disabilities—to support in the creation of a diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive society.
  • I commit to educating myself by listening to individuals with disabilities and their lived experience.
  • I promise to communicate the role we all play in physical, financial, policy and attitudinal barriers that exist within society, and the ability we all have to educate and advocate to break those barriers down.
  • I will share resources, tools and strategies that broaden the lens through which we all can see the world.
  • I pledge to be aware, challenge stigma, be person-centered, promote accessibility and inclusion, and to recognize disability rights as essential and integral human rights.

I pledge to be an Ally in Disability Rights.